Proven, Effective Leadership

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has taken a leading role in advancing Mississippi into the 21st century. Through pushing legislation that seeks to ensure a fair and impartial political process, reforming the state’s business climate, and managing public lands in a business-like manner to maximize funds for education Secretary Hosemann is recognized as a proven, effective, and dedicated public servant.

A True Fiscal Leader

At a time when agencies were asking for increases in their state budgets, Secretary Hosemann asked for an overall decrease. He has the strong belief that government must learn to live within its means and he is a firm advocate of responsible spending.

Dedicated to our Schoolchildren

Secretary Hosemann is committed to the education of the Mississippi’s children. Since taking office, he has increased the revenue of 16th Section lands by over $22,000,000—that’s a 42% increase in funds which goes directly back into the education of Mississippi’s most valuable asset— our schoolchildren.

A True Conservative

Since taking office, Secretary Hosemann has fought for an open and fair election process to ensure integrity in our voting process. He has championed the cause for a voter identification requirement in our State and worked tirelessly towards that goal. Before serving as Mississippi's first ever Republican Secretary of State, Delbert was the Republican nominee for the United States Congress 4th Congressional District in 1998. He also served as a Member of the United States Electoral College in 2000 and is honored to have been recommended by conservative organizations such as Mississippi Right to Life and the National Rifle Association.


If Mississippi ever gets a Heisman trophy, we want to keep it...

"Sports Agents on notice in Miss"--Clarion Ledger


Strengthening a Mississippi law is helping to ensure athletes are protected from unscrupulous agents, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said.

"Mississippi's new law will provide greater accountability to sports agents who wish to recruit our student athletes and will bring more responsibility to the recruitment process," he said. "Our goal is to protect not only the eligibility, but also the future of our student athletes."

This past session, state lawmakers toughened requirements of the Uniform Athletes Agents Act, which the secretary of state's office enforces.

Hosemann said he became interested in reforming the system after NFL running back Reggie Bush had to return the Heisman Trophy he earned while playing for the University of Southern California.

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"If you are not too busy..."

        “It is great to be back at Neshoba County Fair.  How do y’all like my commercials?
            The Election is less than one week away and the newspaper said my opponent did not vote in any election for Haley Barbour.  He also did not vote in the 2010 Election for Congress to determine if Nancy Pelosi was going to be Speaker of the House.  He said he was too busy.
            Well, I hope all of you are not too busy to go vote next Tuesday and, when you do, I hope it will be for someone who will at least show up at the polls.  I hope you will vote to rehire Delbert Hosemann as Secretary of State.
            Speaking of voting, I have been all over the State of Mississippi telling people how much we need Voter ID in Mississippi.  I told you three (3) years ago I would do that.  On ...

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Gulf Coast 9-12 Project endorses Secretary Hosemann's Bid for Re-Election

In an emailed statement released Tuesday, June 21, 2011, the Mississippi Gulf Coast 9-12 Project endorsed Secretary Hosemann in his bid for re-election.
“This endorsement is important not because my opponent resides on the Coast,” says Secretary Hosemann, “but because this organization holds the same values and beliefs as my campaign.  They are fervent believers in state’s rights, a balanced budget, and protecting our Constitution.  I fought to protect our State’s right to follow the Constitution in redistricting without federal intervention.  I appreciate the Mississippi Gulf Coast 9-12 Project for standing by me in that case, and I thank them for their endorsement.”

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Secretary Hosemann reaches Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Mississippi Investors

After an investigation launched by the Mississippi Secretary of State's Office, Secretary Hosemann, the Securities Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and four other states reached a $200-Million dollar nationwide settlement with Morgan Keegan for presenting misleading marketing information to investors.  Approximately 2,200 Mississippi investors were involved in the case.

“This investigation was initiated by the Securities and Charities Division of the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.  We intend to hold companies and individuals accountable for not disclosing risks associated with their investments and presenting misleading marketing materials to investors,” says Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.  “This settlement will hopefully bring partial relief to Mississippians who have experienced financial hardship due to the actions of these two companies.”

For more information, you may reach the Secretary of State’s Official website at

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Secretary Hosemann runs Bay St. Louis Bridgefest

Bridgefest Website (350).jpg ...

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Redistricting fight put on hold for year --Delta Democrat Times

It looks like Delbert Hosemann was right all along. The Mississippi secretary of state had argued for weeks that there was no rush to solve the impasse over legislative redistricting, that the state constitution gave lawmakers another year to work things out.

A three-judge federal panel has agreed, backing away from its own intermediate solution that it said it was leaning toward just last month.

For more, visit

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Secretary Hosemann Urges Federal Lawmakers to Save Taxpayer Dollars

Washington, D.C.—Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann testified before the United States House Elections Subcommittee today (Thursday, April 14, 2011).  Testimony centered on H.R. 672, a bill to terminate the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC).
“The federal government needs to go on the same diet as our State governments,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “On the State level, the elimination of the EAC would be of no consequence.  It makes good fiscal sense to terminate the EAC, particularly since over 50% of its operating costs are allocated to management.”
The EAC was created by the Help America Vote Act to aid states in replacing antiquated voting systems, implementing statewide voter registration databases, and other improvements.  H.R. 672 proposes for remaining tasks yet to be completed to the EAC to be transferred to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“In these economic times, we ...

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Access to Public Assets Must Be Preserved--Sun Herald

Coast cities fighting Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann over control of their harbors and marinas have attracted public attention.  While we sympathize with the cities, we believe that Hosemann has the better argument.  Hosemann’s proposed leases with the cities which would cost them nothing would still permit them to oversee harbor development and profit from it.  But as the guardian of more than a million acres of state-owned land, Hosemann has a duty to preserve public access to public property.  Because South Mississippi’s municipal harbors and marinas sit on state-owned tidelands, Hosemann “is committed to preserving these areas for generations to come.”  We like the idea of putting long-term preservation ahead of short-term gain, even if part of the profit would help finance local governments.  As residents, we are accustomed to the status of our waterfronts.

We should appreciate that a curtain of condominiums has not blocked the view of the Mississippi Sound.  Why then would we ever give our cities the right to allow ...

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Secretary Hosemann Visits with Hard Working Mississippians at the Nissan Plant in Canton

Nissan Tour 22 (350x350).jpg ...

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Secretary Hosemann Appointed Co-Chair of National Committee

Jackson, MS—The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has appointed Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to serve as Co-Chair of the NASS Business Services Committee.

“The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office has been diligently working on our State’s business laws to create jobs,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “By serving as co-chair of the Business Services committee of NASS, I will have the opportunity to lead discussions on business reform on the national level and use the information here in our State.”

“I welcome Secretary Hosemann’s leadership as co-chair of the NASS Business Services Committee and thank him for his willingness to serve in this important capacity,” said NASS President Mark Ritchie of Minnesota.  “His range of skills and experiences in the area of state business services will be crucial to ensuring our organization’s success in fostering information-sharing between states during these challenging economic times.”

The Business Services Committee is dedicated to educating and informing NASS members on the newest practices ...

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